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Happy Verse Day, Valentines! ;)

Today, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Versenovels is hosting another round of verse related posts.

Today’s featured post, by Guest Blogger Tim Sinclair speaks about love-true love. Not the mushy, gushy, over-the-top, fancy dancy, unrealistic love. The real, messy, dirty, hard, and sometimes even angry love that comes from real life. Definitely worth the read!

And, as an additional treat, check out the post over at Marcie’s blog. She is offering up an annotated list of haiku for Valentine’s Day.


2013 Run Down … so far…

I have been reading.

I promise!

But, shortly before Thanksgiving 2012, I fell into the awful habit of starting a book, setting it on my nightside table, going to bed, possibly reading it again the next night, but before long, I would switch books before the first one was finished. I currently have 12 books – all partially finished – sitting on my nightstand.


But, I have FINISHED 3 novels since the start of January. Yay me!

I will be posting reviews, soon, of the following:

1. Zombies vs. Unicorns – or is it Unicorns vs. Zombies??? I always have to check, because I can never remember. And, I still don’t know which side I am on…grrr.

2. Warm Bodies. And, I saw the movie. And, I was not impressed. 😦

3. The Racketeer. John Grisham I ❤ you…4EVER.

I have just started World War Z and will be slowly finishing the books sitting on my nightstand. Soon. I promise!

Verse Day #6 – Verse at ALA Midwinter

Hey all!

Verse Day #6 is up and running over at


I will be writing next week’s verse day post, so be sure to check back next week!