2013 Here I Come!

Well, what can I say. The end of the year flew at me in a mad rush and I forgot about the blog. Okay, I didn’t forget, but I didn’t force myself to post either. Part of it has to do with me not finishing a book in a long time. I fell horribly behind in my reading and didn’t use Christmas Break to catch up too much either. But, I am reading, albeit a bit slower than I would like. I have several novels started, a few non-fiction I have given up on and a few more ready to go.

I will say I finished several novels with my students, as they were reading. So, all in all, I was reading, just not blogging about it.

However, it is a new year. And, with new years come new opportunities. I will begin posting regularly again. I can’t promise when, how often, or always of what, but it will be more. A few new year opportunities include being part of VerseDay 2013, which means every Thursday bloggers all over will be uniting to spread the good word of verse-in poetry and novel form. Join me in celebrating! I found out about it from Gabrielle Prendergast over at AngelHorn, she also moderates VerseNovels.

I have also decided to increase my time spent scrapbooking, it’s an addiction really, that and office supplies, like notebooks, pens, and Post-It Notes. I used to scrapbook frequently, but then life let me know I had to refocus on other things for a bit. Over Christmas break I was on Pinterest, another sad addiction, and found out about Project Life. I have decided 2013 will be my first attempt at Project Life. While it can be a very structured and rigorous endeavor, it can also be whatever you want to make it. So, mine will be a weekly spread focusing on, well, My Life. 🙂 I already have the week one layout completed. I have a bit of journaling and photo printing to do, then I will (I Hope!) post images of it when finished.

Here’s my What’s on My Bedside Table List this week: (all links are to Good Reads Link)

  1. Zombies Versus Unicorns – a coworker got it for Christmas and recommended it. I am almost halfway through!
  2. Warm Bodies – my daughter and I saw the preview for the film version over break and I had no idea it had been a book first. But, aforementioned coworker picked this one up over break as well and let me borrow. (Must remember to return both with cookies!)
  3. The Poisoner’s Handbook – I started this one SO LONG AGO. But, I feel I must finish it.
  4. The Resolution for Women – I started this one over Thanksgiving Break, but stopped after chapter one. Kind of because it said you must be ready for the challenges it encourages one to undertake. So, I might be avoiding this one…

I did finish:

  1. Huck Finn- This is an annual read in my classroom. I love it. The end!
  2. Native Son – This was an interesting read. See my review on GoodReads if you feel you must know what I felt.

If you comment, I shall respond!

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