The Start

A new school year begins tomorrow!

I have been back at school for two solid weeks. First, just me, getting my room ready. Last week–the week long endurance test known as “back to school meetings.” Four straight days of meetings and Friday–a day we could FINALLY work in our rooms. That’s why I spent a week there prior to last week. And I will post pics of my amazingly decorated (by MiniQ) room tomorrow!

As this new year begins, I am looking forward to:

  1. Working with a GREAT bunch of educators–both @ the alternative program I work at as well as the regular high school. Our English department is an amazing bunch of ladies who work hard to make reading, writing, speaking, listening, and presenting engaging, relevant, and fun!
  2. Working with a GREAT bunch of students–it’s not every day I can walk into a local grocery store and get a hug from a student (a soon to be SENIOR in high school student :)) who says I can’t wait to see you in two days. These are the moments I know why I do what I do and why I LOVE what I do!
  3. Working with an AWESOME tech set up–every kid has a laptop (juniors and seniors got new MacBook Airs), I have a MacBook, iPad2, and a projector in my room and there is so much potential. I plan on blogging with my kiddos this year, incorporating some backchannel chatter for videos and discussions, as well as so much more.
  4. Teaching the same class a second time–for a 10 year teacher, you think this would not be a big deal. Let’s just say I have only EVER taught the same class once! Each year I have always taught all NEW courses, with the exception of one year, where I taught American Studies for the second time. Once. In 10 years. Oh my, am I looking forward to it! But, in reality, I am probably going to plan ALL NEW things to teach. Because that’s all I know! LOL
  5. Teaching an Honors Level course–I wish I could teach all my kids at the “honors” level. Ah, who am I kidding? I do! I just sneak it to my non-honors level kiddos. They fear the idea of honors, but once I wade them into the processes and higher level skills, they attack with as much vigor as my honors kiddos do.
  6. ONLY teaching English courses at the alternative program–last year I was in charge of business/computer applications & career ed too. Not made for that stuff!
  7. Starting each day new!

I know this is a reading blog and I am debating within myself about whether to continue posting about school here or start ANOTHER blog dedicated solely to school…hmmm…not sure just yet.


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