TQ Review: Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

Review: Love & Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Publication Date: 2011

Good Reads Synopsis 

A typical teen love story, except written in verse. I read this one and finished it for the Verse Challenge.

The protagonist, Marcie, faces an impending divorce, a gay father and his new partner, a move across country (from Idaho to New Hampshire), leaving a boyfriend behind, as well as her friends, and the loneliness from all of it. Her mother, who she doesn’t realize suffers from clinical depression, is a shadow character and not much of an influence on Marcie. She meets a new boy (of course) and doesn’t necessarily fall in love with him, but uses him to fill the lonely void she feels.

When the time comes to return to Idaho, will she leave behind a mom who can’t take care of herself and a new boy who makes her feel like she is in love? Or, will she return to live with her father and reunite with her friends and the one she wanted to be in love with in the first place?

This book is all about the teenage quest for feeling “in place.” That deep desire we all have to fit in–at home, at school, in love–everywhere moves this books plot along. The writing, in verse, is simple yet poetic enough to evoke some feelings and thoughts. A bit more teenager-ish in poetry, which I expect from such a book. But, it does turn one off after awhile. Overall, I was not impressed, nor surprised by anything in the story. It’s not one I will probably every look at again and can really only think to recommend it to a few select female students who are into teen love stories.

My Rating

3 stars Meh…take it or leave it

My Recommendations

  • Anyone who enjoys novels in verse
  • Anyone who enjoys a sappy teen love story

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