Top Ten Tuesday (9) – What my students think I should read…

The Broke and the Bookish are hosting the weekly Top Ten once again! This week’s top ten topic was something about reality shows, which I must admit I don’t watch much of, even though I could probably name many of them. But, since they so kindly offered a Freebie week, because of the topic, I am going to go ahead and mention the top ten books my students think I should read and why.

1. The Hate Listby Jennifer Brown

This was recommended by the same student who recommended Ruby Holler, which I read and thoroughly enjoyed. Not even close to the same kind of novel, though. After reading the GoodReads synopsis (linked through title), I am definitely interested. As a teacher, school shootings are always something sitting in the back of my mind. Not that I ever think it will happen at my school, but I am all too aware that it could. This book seems interesting because it looks at the story of one of the survivor’s who was also implicated because she helped create the target list. Definitely to be read!

2. My Desperate Love Diary by Liz Rettig

Recommended by the same student as above. She recommends it because it is “odd and weird” and “keeps you guessing.” After reading the GoodReads synopsis, I am not sure if I will read it, but I remember the student talking about it with such fervor I might have to give it a try.

3. The Blindside by Michael Lewis

One of my very reluctant readers suggested I read this  one. I have seen the movie. Loved it. Love football. And could definitely read the book.

4. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri

My honors student suggested this one. He suggests it because I “seem religious in some ways and this poem really made [him] think/kept [him] inspired.” This is one of those classics I should have read and probably have read bits of it, but I have never sat down to read it. I think I will. 🙂

5. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Same student who suggested Dante, suggests this one. He was intrigued by all the “interesting, juicy details about Jobs’ life no one knew except for a few others.” After seeing the length of this book (not that long books scare me) and knowing how dry I think computer guys are in real life, I am not sure I will make it through this one. But, I will try!

6. Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Meyers

This was recommended by another “hates to read” student. He found it entertaining and I did see him read this one in class. He seemed to enjoy it. I will definitely read this one, because it is such a short read and is about the Vietnam War.

7. Blankets by Craig Thompson

This one was recommended because it “includes his relationship with his parents and how he tries to keep a love interest.” The student who recommended this one asked me first if I read graphic novels. LOL Of course, I read anything, almost. So he recommended this one. It has peak my interest.

8. Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This was recommended as a “mysterious book that keeps you on the edge of your feet” and that I “will LUBB it.” After reading the GoodReads synopsis, it sounds interesting and I might be able to weave it into my Hunger Games unit next year.

9. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

This one was first recommended by a teacher friend of mine and then I saw a student reading it earlier this semester after he had seen the movie. Not sure if he made it all the way through the book, because he struggled with the dialect used, I guess. It is definitely on my to be read list.

10. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

I saw this one at the bookstore. Fireflies hold a special place inside my heart and anything relating to fireflies I will latch onto. The GoodReads synopsis also sounds like it could have been written by/about so many of the women I know. I must read it!

Thanks for reading about some of the books my students have suggested. I can’t wait to see what everyone else has written about for this week’s TTT! One of the best ideas ever can be found here: Makeshift Bookmark–TT Reasons Why I Would Make a Terrible YA Heroine. Genius, I say, pure Genius! Make sure to head over to The Broke and the Bookish to see their list.

What would you recommend?


6 responses

  1. I always love to see what captures the attention of teens. And I always like to accept their recommendations on what to read because I think it encourages them. It feels so good to share a book!

    Awesome list!!

    1. Laura,

      Thanks for stopping by! I love it when students recommend books, because it means they are reading! 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I’ve only read “The Help” from this list…but it was SUCH a good book! 🙂 A few of these have piqued my interest and wormed their way into my TBR pile! Haha!

    1. A few are new for me too 🙂 but I am always on the lookout for more books to read. (As I look at the toppling stacks of books around my house and shake my head!)

  3. What a great list of books! I loved Ruby Holler – one thing I love about Sharon Creech’s books is that all of the characters from one novel to another are ever so loosely connected.

    1. I have always enjoyed Sharon Creech and the fact that my student loved it and wanted me (more like eagerly begged me) to read it really encouraged me to revisit her writing.

      Thanks for visiting!

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