Shout Out (2) – Visual Writing Prompts

I stumble across far too many COOL, CREATIVE, or just plain AWESOME blogs and websites not to share. Some I stumble across by accident, some by happenstance, some because they have visited my blog, and others are referred to me by others. So, I have decided to share with you all (because it also helps me keep track of and remember!) the cool things I find. 🙂

Today’s shout out goes to a writing blog-Visual Writing Prompts. As a reader, teacher, and a writer this blog does so much for me. I am a visual person. The more pictures, images, fonts, and colors something uses, the more I am attracted to it. I ran across the idea of incorporating visual writing prompts in the English classroom earlier this year and must sadly admit I have not made much headway in using them yet. But, I plan to incorporate their use more fully next year and will be testing out the website shouted out here today in class this week!

I have often used photos or visuals as thought provokers/writing prompts before, but on a very limited basis. When I stumbled across John Spencer’s post, Ten Thoughts on Photo Prompts, earlier this year I immediately Evernote clipped it and saved it in my file of ideas for incorporating into the classroom.

Then today, on my Twitter feed, I found a link to a blog John and others contribute visual writing prompts to and know it is something I can use in my classroom. In fact, today I am going to ask my students to go to the site, pick one of the prompts and write about it. Just to see what they do. 🙂

I hope it encourages your creative juices, too!


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  1. If you like visual blogs, you should check out the comic side of Second Lunch, a blog found here on WordPress. It’s really funny! (The blog side is great, too!)

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