National Poetry Month (30) – Wrap Up

Yes, this is a few days late, but I wanted to wait until all the projects were completed and had some student feedback on what they thought of this year’s National Poetry Month happenings.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I posted almost every single day, without failing! And most of the posts were well planned and relevant. LOL
  • Every student (except 3) earned huge points for their poetry projects! And the 3 who didn’t are no surprise.
  • One student wrote me a note saying how she hated poetry and wasn’t looking forward to National Poetry Month and the project, BUT after we had worked with poetry for a few weeks discovered she now has a new outlet for her feelings and her words!
  • Several students chose the project option to write a special poem to someone special and present it to them. These poems were thoughtful, powerful, and well received.
  • Many of my students, including those who are so shy they barely speak in class, went out into the public and passed out poems for National Poem in Your Pocket day.
  • Several students wrote meaningful poems to them and had them included on the morning announcements/school newspaper.

Some needed improvements:

  • Begin planning NOW for next year’s National Poetry Month. I cannot wait until the week before April to plan all the great stuff I have in my mind.
  • Work out a schedule of poems to be read/presented during lunches and announcements before April.
  • Work on a possible Poetry Slam contest–work with Forensics teacher on this.
  • Involve the whole school.
  • Get the National Poem in Your Pocket Day out in the community more.
  • Bring in a local poet.

I will be uploading poems written by my students soon!

Thanks for celebrating National Poetry Month 2012 with me!


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