Sunday Salon (5)

Weather today…Woke to the sound of raindrops on the roof. There is no better sensation than lying in bed, pondering the heavens, and hearing the rain fall down. It was a crisp, cool day after the rain. Ah, Spring!

In my classes this week: In my 1920s & 30s class we finished Of Mice and Men. Wow! The kids, when they heard the ending and the choice George had to make…they were floored. Great discussion ensued and I will share bits of it when I write my review.

In my War Lit class we are still reading Farewell to Manzanar. The kids are still intrigued and discussing!

In both classes the plans and project for National Poetry Month are close to ending! I received a great note from a student about how she was wary of the poetry project, in fact that she HATED poetry, until I introduced it to her and she found a new outlet for her thoughts and feelings. Yay!

I’m reading: Not as much as usual this week. LOL

  • Lawyers in Hell edited by Janet Morris. This one is slow going.
  • Nevermore by William Hjortsberg

I’m listening to:  I don’t listen to audio books, usually. When I do, it’s always a book I have read before. I have to see the words myself to make complete sense of a text the first time. So, instead of audiobooks, I will share my iPod playlist for the week 🙂 !

This week  spent a large amount of time watching videos of slam poets, like Sarah Kay, Taylor Mali, and more in preparation for the final parts of my poetry unit.

Book finished this week: I finished Mockingjay & Ruby Holler & Of Mice and Men this week. They are very good and I will be uploading my reviews very soon.

Abandoned book: I have not let any books go this week 🙂
Scripture lesson in church: Galatians 5:14 “For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” This week’s study is the fight we have while we walk this Earth between the Flesh and the Spirit.

I’m praying for: Those around me who still struggle to find Christ in their life.

Around the house: Cleaned kitchen-top to bottom. Picked up some picture frames for my new “art work.” Will post soon!

From the kitchen: Spaghetti. MiniQ is addicted to it.

Fun event of the week: Sitting by the first discussing Bruce Springsteen with someone who deserves the respect and admiration those around him show him.

A favorite quote this week:


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