Sunday Salon (4)

Weather today…Crisp, bright, beautiful. Not too cold, not to warm. Sun shining brightly. Beautiful!

In my classes this week: In my 1920s & 30s class we are continuing Of Mice and Men unit and discussed the ideas leading up to the main conflict.

In my War Lit class we are still reading Farewell to Manzanar. The kids are still intrigued and discussing!

For National Poetry Month! The kids have been working very hard and getting so much done. I can’t wait to see the fruits of their labor.

I’m reading: Too much! LOL

  • Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech – one of my students LOVES all things Creech and knew I hadn’t read this one, so she let me borrow it. It will be a quick read!
  • Lawyers in Hell edited by Janet Morris. This one is slow going.
  • Nevermore by William Hjortsberg

Note to self–FINISH at least one of these already!

I’m listening to:  I don’t listen to audio books, usually. When I do, it’s always a book I have read before. I have to see the words myself to make complete sense of a text the first time. So, instead of audiobooks, I will share my iPod playlist for the week 🙂 !

This week due to Spring in the air, I have been listening to a CD I have called Paris Cafe.


Book finished this week: I finished Catching Fire last week and have posted the review here. I also finished Mockingjay. I am a bit sad the series is over, but so glad it ended well. I will be posting a review later this week.

Abandoned book: I let go a book called The Mockingbird Parables. I plan on coming back to it this summer. I gave it up at this point, because I was trying to read bits and pieces of it here and there, but it is a book worthy of my complete attention. So, it has been moved to my summer to read list. 🙂
Scripture lesson in church: Deuteronomy 6:1-9. Love the Lord Your God. We discussed the ideas behind why we still study the Old Testament and the old ways. Very enlightening.

I’m praying for: A fellow teacher’s newborn son who has been diagnosed with cytomegalovirus. This was unexpected, but we are all praying for him and his family.

Around the house: Spring cleaning begins. 🙂

From the kitchen: Crockpot roast, with Gold Buckle marinade, roast veggies, and bread. It smells so yummy!

Fun event of the week: Prom–all the discussions leading up to it, the nervousness displayed by the young men and ladies, the dresses/tuxes. I love spring.

A favorite quote this week:


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