National Poetry Month (19) –

Oh, National Poetry Month, how I love you! I really do . . . but . . . it’s beginning to seem as if there are just too many days in which to celebrate 😉 !

Yesterday I came across a really cool idea and will use it with my students today. Writing Poetweets & Twaikus. It involves students writing haikus and tweet poems, which limits students to be concise and succinct in their word choice.

I found this handout when Googling for some ideas on teaching punctuation and line breaks in poetry. After tracking it down, the handout comes from HungerGamesLessons.


I have used Twitter-esque assignments with my students before and know they will take to this with a bit of poetic apprehension, but not because of the technology.

I also came across NPR’s Poetry challenge for National Poetry Month: Tell Me More’s Michael Martin is asking people to write poetic tweets and tag them with #TMMPoetry. I tweeted on yesterday…I will post here later, since Twitter is blocked at school (GRRR 😦 ).

I am considering having my students do a class Poetweet. I will share updates as they come to me :)!

I challenge you to submit a Poetweet or Twaiku…either on your Twitter account or here in the comments. Let’s see what fun we can have!


If you comment, I shall respond!

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