Couldn’t have said it better!

Amateur Cartographer

This is my piece in support of Summer Solstice’s cause. Spread the word. Thank you.


House of Bricks

Samantha is nine years old
Truth be told
she wants to be a
writer or a dancer or a doctor
She has plans to cure cancer and
cook pancakes every day for breakfast
with real maple syrup
even if it’s more expensive
She wants to travel to bottom of the ocean
and answer fan-mail
But she doesn’t want to grow up
Cuz she’s scared stiff of rock-bottom families
To Sam
adulthood is a fairly common failure
of fantasy meets reality
Her life is a Grimm fairy tale
without the stale Disney edits

She was born to a god and goddess
Honestly she saw them walk on water
A daughter of the Odyssey
her father was Ares
the very meaning of manly
a well-meaning man
a magician who married
He once was…

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