National Poetry Month (15)- Little Red Riding Hood

An image flashed

Just for a moment…

The wizened old woman

Saw with her heightened sight,

The flash of a blood red cape.

A blood red cape

Sheltering the soul

Of a lost little girl.

A girl lost in time

And space amongst

A wooded hollow.

With measured patience

The woman crafts a spell,

One meant to save

But ends up forsaking.

Instead of measured

Footsteps meant to guide

The girl to find her soul again,

The spell shifts the attention

Of a trickster right onto

The blood red path.

The trickster sniffs the air

And trots menacingly

To the young girl’s side.

He promises redemption and salvation

To a girl lost in time.

She begins to accept his

Promises, when the breeze shifts


Taking it as a sign

The girl turns to run,

But falls instead under the weight

Of the trickster’s leap.

Blood red leaves

Shift in a breeze

Carrying her soul home.

Angela Quiram, 2012


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