National Poetry Month (12 part deux) – A Challenge

For many years (many years ago!) I subscribed to and read many different poetry websites to get ideas. It wasn’t until recently I returned to the habit of reading about and finding new ideas for poetry. Today, in my mailbox was the daily theme from Figment and it is a challenge I must try to complete :). Today’s Figment Daily Theme is

Write a poem using the following five words (not in order and not lumped together):

solace, tangerine, blood, fire, hunger

The theme comes from author Alyxandra Harvey, author of The Drake Chronicles.

As I deconstruct this prompt, as I am wont to do, I see many different ideas just behind my eyes. One, begins with using those words in a very typical fashion and using vampires as the muse. However, I want to be different, I don’t want to be typical with this prompt. So, let’s see how it works out…

Blood-red charged emotions sling from within

A tortured soul lost among the crowd.

To see the soul within her surroundings

Imagine a hallway long and cluttered,

Cluttered with others wearing masks

To hide the hunger deep within.

For who hungers not to be accepted

By those we admire and work to impress?

Seeking solace within a world seemingly

Built on chaotic premises, purposely

Causing the lost to falter.

The lost soul works to find an outlet

For the emotions roiling inside.

But, instead of harnessing their power,

She finds them leaking out ceaselessly

Spilling over onto those masked figures

Surrounding and encapsulating her.

They seem not to notice the fire now

Corrupting their souls, lost themselves

Among the corridor of the world.

The tangerine sweetness of imitating

Those who fit in by wearing their masks

Now loses its hold over the lost soul.

Her fire becomes their fire.

Their masks are soon lost.

They join her charged emotions

To show they stand together as one

In a hallway no longer meant for one.

-Angela Quiram 2012


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