Movie Review: The Hunger Games

I could write my own post about the movie. However, Elizabeth, over at Don’t Take My Books Away wrote one I could have written. Her thoughts are so similar to mine. I will link to her post and plan to add more reviews as they come available.

Elizabeth’s Review of The Hunger Games (Check out my comment to her post)

Carolyn Hockley’s Review of The Hunger Games

JoshSHill’s Review of The Hunger Games

Lisa’s Review of The Hunger Games @ ReadBreathRelax (Love that she included what she was hoping for and how it measured up!)

My favorites from the movie:

  • Stanley Tucci–why is it he can play ANY role and play it amazingly?!
  • Woody Harrelson as Haymitch-far more likeable onscreen than in the book. Could have been a bit more rude/unlikeable, but still be able to pull off the helpfulness displayed.
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss–I had read somewhere (sorry I forgot where) that some were afraid she would come off as bland and dull as Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Bella Swan. Not so. She played Katniss beyond well.
  • The Capitol and all its extravagances. While I read the book, I had pictures of opulence and ostentation, but the film does it justice.
  • My new catchphrase–the best one ever!


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