A Journey Begins

Reinventing self.

Okay, maybe not reinventing, but definitely re-purposing some unexpected free time.

As a teacher, I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas and activities to use with my students of English and history. One day while searching for who-only-knows-what to fit into a lesson about again, who-only-knows-what, I stumbled across several book blogs. Blogs written with the sole and express purpose of reviewing and commenting on books. And the heavens opened up and the sun shown down on the book nerd inside of me (I mean, really, who else but a book nerd would be an English teacher 🙂 !).

As I was traveling the blogosphere looking at all the wonderful book blogs linked after each other, I began to get the stitch of an idea. Recently, my youngest daughter has shown her interest in locking herself away in her room with a good book until it was done. Ah, my heart swells as I relive my own teen years tucked away with a good book somewhere, living in alternate universes where no one could reach  me for days on end! And I began to think, we share such a cool interest, as does my oldest daughter, let’s do something with this interest. After viewing several of the coolest book blogs out there (and I will be linking to them soon!), I began to think a book blog would be something fun the girls and I could do together. Reading and commenting on the same books. Reviewing books we read, so others may choose to enjoy them too.

So, here we are.

Hope you enjoy!


If you comment, I shall respond!

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